Project name: Business promotion, education and internet visibility project - INTERFORMA 2016-2018.

Short description and project objectives: The project was based on co-financing four segments of our buisness activities:

1. The increased office efficiency was a direct result of purchasing new hardware and software.
The buying of new computers, printers, drones and CAD software allowed us to expand our market
reach which improved our buisness growth as a result.

2. The expansion of our business activities to issuing Energy certificates. New regulations prescribe
the obligation to produce Energy certificates for all new buildings and all existing buildings for sale or rent,
as well as existing public buildings, which has opened numerous opportunities for us to generate additional
source of income.

3. We gained the Project Manager certificate which allowed us to apply for the management of public
investment projects with a total value in excess of 10.000.000kn. Employee Ivo Vranjican finished
the education for project management, IPMA-B.

4. Promoting the firm by improving its visibility on web search engines to make us more accesible to a greater
number of potential investors and associates.

Total project value: 88.773,61HRK

Non-refundable funds: 75.457,56HRK

Project implementation period: 20.08.2018. - 20.02.2020. ( 18 months )

Contact information: arh. Robert Pešo, TEL: +385 1 5801 455,